Saturday, August 1, 2009

Getting Ready

Mom will be here in just 3 days!! We have been trying to make sure everything is ready for her arrival.
  • Vacuum the AC's
  • Car Wash
  • Oil Change (appt. made for lunchtime the day after Mom arrives)
  • Get the Guest room ready
  • Get the Bathroom ready
  • Plan a few things to do
  • Grocery shop
This gives us a good reason to do some things that probably needed done like washing the car and getting an oil change. And we were told we should vacuum the AC's out every 2 weeks in the summer and we haven't done it once in the 6 weeks we have lived here.

I think we are ready. And I know Grace is ready for all the extra attention and spoiling she is going to be getting!

Ready to watch the game


So cute!

Grace loves this toy!

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