Thursday, August 20, 2009

Look what I got!!!

Today I had a pretty pink package to pick up at the post office!! What could it be?? My taffy and rum cake from (Army)Wife She was even so sweet and sent some books that were a favorite of hers when she was little. One day when Grace is a little older we are going to read them to her! Oh, and can I just say that it was all DELICIOUS!! And yes, we still have some left.

Pretty pink box!

I caved in and tried some taffy as soon as I opened the box.

But I did save the rum cake for dessert

And of course Grace wanted to try too!! We let her taste some salt water taffy.

AND... that's not all! I was also given an award by JG @ Perpetual Newlyweds

I am going to work on answering the questions and pick a few people to tag so check back soon!


JG said...

Those look so yummy! I've never had rum cake, but it sounds delish!

(army)Wife said...

I'm so glad you guys enjoyed everything! I finished my rum cake weeks ago and I'm craving it now. I think I might have Carsley send me some chocolate flavored rum cake :)


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