Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Cars

Not only do we already have our house when we get back but we will both have new cars! Right now we don't own a car in the states and we will have to sell both of the cars we drive here before we leave (can't ship them and we would have to have major alterations to meet all the regulations in the states). So we got hit up by the car salesman at our local BX. Back in May (I think) there was a great rebate on something similar to what we planned to get for me. After doing some research we discovered that even buying something used with low miles we would be paying almost what we could get this brand new vehicle for. So we got it! It was custom built and everything. It will most likely even beat us to Oklahoma.

And then we just heard that since we are close to our PCS they have some great deals on already built vehicles. We went in yesterday after doing a little more research to see what we were looking at in the way of something to get Dustin to and from work. He said he wanted something basic and with good gas mileage. Well, they sold us on a 2nd vehicle! They were offering a good rebate plus an additional incentive since the car wasn't being custom built.


Dustin will be driving this:

2010 Ford Focus in Blue Flame
(I think he is most excited about the color!!)

And me and the kiddos will be riding around in this:

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT
in Deep Cherry Red

and, yes, we are getting it with the heated leather!

This is just another reason why we are so excited to be moving back.
I will admit it was a little weird looking at the cars here. I think someone must have put the steering wheel on the wrong side of the vehicle ;-)
Hopefully learning to drive on the wrong side of the again will be pretty simple.


Patty Patterson said...

Pretty cars! It looks like you're just about set to come back! I'm getting more and more excited!

Aly said...

Yay for new cars! I would be excited too! Very cool!

New Girl on Post said...

How exciting! My friend have a Focus that exact color and they seem to really like it.


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