Sunday, September 12, 2010

A trip to Nago

Yesterday we had plans to visit a park. Grace has been wanting to go to a park so bad! So I told her that we would wait for a pretty day when her Daddy was off work so he could have fun too. We were only planning on going to a park that is semi-close to the house but Dustin mentioned the Pineapple Park so we decided to venture out a bit further. I found a park up in Nago to check out so we decided to go! The drive to the park was really pretty.

{Dustin & Grace enjoying the scenic view}

{Driving to the park}

{another scenic view}

{City of Nago}

We found the park but, unfortunately, most of the things that were for kids Grace's age were blocked by tree branches that had fallen during the typhoon. I think the park was actually closed because there was a rope blocking off one side of the stairs and a cone with a note on it but since we couldn't read the note we went on to the park. There was a roll-y slide that Grace really enjoyed and then she wanted Dustin to climb up on this place structure with her.

After a little time at the park we decided to head back to the car to check out a little more of the area.

{view of Nago and the ocean and mountains}

It was almost lunch time so we decided to head to a barbecue place that we passed several times while my Mom was visiting. Johnny's Burgers and Ribs. It looked pretty American!

Dustin had a burger, I had tacos, and Grace had taco rice. It wasn't bad. I found it weird that they put ketchup on my tacos (I don't like ketchup on ANYTHING!), Dustin said the burger tasted similar to meatloaf, and Grace loved the taco rice!

Finally, we headed to our last destination - The Pineapple Park. I think this was our FIFTH time there! It is probably Dustin's favorite tourist attraction on island so we really wanted to go one more time before we leave here.

{Our last visit to the Pineapple Park}

{The Pineapple Cart}

{Grace wanted to be held but soon she was trying to drive!}

{rows and rows of pineapple}

{The word pineapple stands for pine and apple}

{The Pineapple Path}

And then, of course, we enjoyed sampling all of the pineapple treats - cookies, chocolates, jelly, juice, cake, and lots more!

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Patty Patterson said...

So cute! I wish we had roly slides. But, at least we have Chic-fil-a. You'll probably be getting some of that soon!


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