Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our day in videos

Today Grace was waiting for her Daddy to come home. She was so excited to show him some paintings she had found on the refrigerator. After waiting, and waiting, and more waiting she decided to try to open the door. She told me it was locked! So if the door is locked how will Daddy come home? So she did the what anyone would do if the door was locked. She grabbed my keys and started trying to find one to unlock the door. She tried every single key and none of them work. I don't think realizes we don't even have a key to that particular lock!

And guess what Daddy had when he walked in the door? Grace got a package in the mail today! She loves to go check the mail, however her package came on the day we sent Daddy to the post office for us. Since Dustin is right across the street from the post office it is a lot more convenient for him to check the mail instead of us making a stop by there on our way to a different base. We opened it up and there were lots of goodies!!! She has such a great time discovering everything in the box.

And this one I just had to share. Grace was making her blocks fall as soon as she put one on top of the other and would say "Oh, my"
I thought it was so cute!! And then when she saw I had the camera out she wanted to watch the video. She loves to watch videos of herself more than she likes us to video her.


Patty Patterson said...

So cute! She appears to be talking a lot more, too!

Brandy said...

Those are super cute! The "Oh, my!" one is my favorite lol


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