Thursday, November 8, 2012


We made it back from NY just in time for Halloween. And after Halloween the girls had a dentist appointment. What great timing, huh?

Grace was so excited to visit the dentist. She took one if her Tinkerbell dolls to watch as she got her teeth cleaned. After she got X-rays of her teeth she wanted to show Tinkerbell the picture on their computer monitor! She sat so still and was such a big girl.

Olivia doesn't really like to have her teeth brushed. She likes to do it herself. But she liked sitting in the chair watching a movie on the iPad. I realized later they had tv's mounted above the chairs and had the Lorax playing the whole time.

Both girls got their picture taken with the huge toothbrush for the "no cavity club" wall.

Hopefully Olivia won't bite the dentist when they go back in 6 months!

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