Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I want to write about this because in a few years it might be funny to look back on.

We were visiting New York right before the hurricane was forecasted to hit. We thought it would hit after we left. We got to where we were staying just North of New York city and saw the news. It was supposed to hit earlier than we had originally saw. It was now scheduled to hit the day we were to fly out.

The next day it looked worse so we decided that instead of having a canceled flight and then waiting on stand-by for another flight we would just rent a car and drive. Monday morning Dustin traded the rental car we had for another one (it was less expensive to do it this way for some reason even though we got the same type of car) then he picked us up and we hit the road.

At one point we decided to take a more northern route even though it was longer to miss some winter weather on the route we had planned to take.

Here is a picture of the weather map of what we were driving through.

We drove 16.5 hours the first day and 11 the second day. We were all very glad to get home!

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Jen said...

Wow So glad that you all made it home safely!


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