Friday, November 2, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

One Saturday in October we visited a The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Celina, TX.

With our admission we each got a cup of food for the animals. Grace fed the sheep but then decided that wasn't her thing and so she let Olivia have the rest of the food.


Olivia loved feeding the goats!

Grace was tired of feeding the animals and wanted to check out the pumpkins and hay bales.

 She sat so still and smiled big for the camera!

Then Olivia joined us but she didn't want to sit and take her picture. She wanted to climb on the hay and the fence.

We let the girls pick out a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.

Grace decided she would rather leave hers for another little girl or boy to take home. But she did want to go for a hay ride!


Patty Patterson said...

Looks like a fun day! I love pumpkin patches! I think - the trip to the pumpkin patch is what finally makes fall seem like fall.

Jen said...

Such a fun day! I love all the pictures. :)


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