Friday, November 9, 2012

Windmill Playground

A few weeks ago we heard about a fun park in a town not to far from us. We had to check it out!
It is the Windmill Playground at Frontier Park in Prosper.

It was warm and they still had the water misters turned on! Of course this was one of Grace's favorite things. There was a small splash pad but we didn't have any extra clothes so we stayed away from that this time.

 There is a section for toddlers that we explored first.

Then we headed over to the area for the bigger kids.

Grace loved the tight rope!

Olivia likes to join the big kids in all the fun and found a little girl and followed her all over. They climbed to the top of the playground and went down this slide over and over!

Recently Grace has been wanting her picture taken every time she finds one of these photo ops. She wasn't too sure about this one at first though because it looked like a BOY! We decided that it must be a girl farmer wearing overalls because she was working in the hay.

And we couldn't leave without swinging!!! 

We have been back once and I am sure we will be back lots more.


Patty Patterson said...

It looks sooooo fun! Tell the girls I want them to take me there sometime!

Jen said...

That looks like a blast!! :)


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