Friday, September 18, 2009

Car Seat Solution

We came up with a solution to our car seat problem. I searched Amazon (about the only place I can get baby gear shipped here) and I couldn't find much that met my criteria. I thought a couple but they were all about 2-3 lbs heavier than the one my Mom bought. Plus, they were bigger and bulkier which would make travelling with them more difficult. So, my Mom offered to just bring it out as checked luggage when she flies out in December! I was planning on getting a bag for it since we will be checking it when we fly so I can just have that shipped to my parents house instead of here. And that means I have more store options! But if the new BX has a good selection and I find something there then my Mom can just take the one she has back to the store. So now I can quit my online search!

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Jenn Bull said...

I've been wondering who's been reading my blog in Japan! Thanks for commenting. Now I'm a little freaked out though. How should I handle the bank check without getting scammed? I had planned on cashing it, either at the bank it's drawn on if a branch is here or at walmart or something similiar. Send me am email at and give me advice!

Oh and congrats on the find! I'm writing from my phone, but when I get on the laptop, I'm going to check out your blog!


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