Sunday, September 13, 2009

Party Planning!!

The reason we wanted to visit the Zoo this weekend was to check out their party facilities. We decided we would have Grace's First Birthday Party at the Zoo! We booked it for the Saturday after her birthday and then after we got home we realized that it was the same day as the Army/Navy game so we called and changed it to the week before. They have a covered pavilion with picnic tables right next to all of the rides (train, carousel, go-karts). I am so excited! We have already started making plans. As soon as I told my Mom about our idea (before we even knew for sure if we could actually use the zoo) she went on eBay and won a cake pan for the cake I want to make for Grace. I have been shopping for party bags, favors, cups, napkins, plates, decorations, etc. I pretty much know what I am going to do for all that so now I just need to order it all and figure out what I want to do for invitations. I have already planned some of our snacks - all animal themed! I can't believe she is going to be a year old in less than 3 months.

One day last week we took a walk to the library with our friends. This was our first time to visit this particular library and the children's sections was so much better than the library we have been to once before. I picked up a few books on Australia and New Zealand and Grace got to check out 3 books and 2 DVD's. She got a Veggie Tales and a Little Einsteins movie. She loved both of them! One of her favorite things right now is to stand up holding onto the coffee table and play with the remote control and watch a cartoon. She also likes to watch cartoons at snack time. She is so cute clapping and dancing along to the music!


(army)Wife said...

OMG! Can you believe it almost been a year already?! I was just saying to my mom last week that I need to start planning Lil' Mootz's first birthday party. Its crazy how fast this year went.

Terre and Chelsea said...


Add me back, silly! I know I've forgotten about the blogging world for some time, but I'm back! For now anyway ... Kiss Gracie-poo and tell her that her Chelsea and Terre miss her VERY much!!!!!



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