Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More videos...

I know how much some of you really enjoy videos of Grace so here is one I uploaded during her nap. I will try to put on another one or two after she goes to bed but right now it is play time!

**edit** I added two more videos!

Grace learning how to play ball!

Grace taking 1 little step! She thinks it is funny to stand up and then fall forward and let us catch her. Sometimes she will take a little step first!

This was taken last week. Grace LOVES to push her little stroller. Now she can do it without anyone holding it to make sure it doesn't take off going too fast. She was making her squeaky sounds which she finds very amusing.

1 comment:

Grace's Grandma said...

WoW! Grace is just amazing, isn't she. She'll be walking and talking when I come back in December. But, I'll still get to see her discover new things because a birthday will be NEW and at birthday parties there are always PRESENTS so we will get to check out NEW TOYS!



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