Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mommy's Girl

We have had a little Mommy's girl today! Normally evenings and weekends Grace is a total Daddy's girl but not today. If she keeps this up we might not be having dinner this week. I am going to enjoy it because I know soon she will go back to wanting only her Daddy when he is home.

Grace has been pretty ornery lately. She finds it very funny to throw her food and cup on the floor at snack time and watch me pick it up. Today in church she threw her cup which got her a "Nice throw, Gracie!" from our little friend Maggie. At lunch she kept throwing her toys and cup in the floor and then waiting for us to give them back to her. I think she finally figured out that she had lost her toys and then she decided to wanted out of the highchair.

She wants to be so independent and it bothers her that she can't just take off running wherever she wants to go. She claps her hands on demand - we just have to say "Grace, clap your hands" and she starts clapping, she waves to people when we tell her to wave, and she will hold her little finger up and wave it around when we sing "This Little Light of Mine." She is so cute! But she is growing up way too fast.

Enjoy the pictures and videos!

Grace has been pushing her spoon away with her hands whenever she doesn't like what we are trying to feed her or if she just wants something different. I thought maybe she wanted to try to feed herself and gave her the spoon. She kind of has the idea but totally lacks the coordination of
getting the spoon in the jar and to her mouth without slinging food all over the place.

She decided she had enough of the spoon and went for the jar!

One day last week we stopped by the travel agent on-base before heading to the gym. We had a little time to kill so we went to the playground and found the swings. Grace had so much fun that we had to go back with the camera on Friday after Dustin got off work!

"This is FUN!!!"

Here she is waving

I love this expression!


Grace's Grandma said...

I don't think Grace is being onery. She's just learning and experimenting with "cause and effect". Throwing your cup is probably an important milestone in baby development. So, Maggie was right to cheer her one!

And the new pistures and videos are really cute. I really like the swing pictures. It's good to see something new. I was really missing Grace, so I was happy to see that the blog had been updated.


Anonymous said...

How much did we enjoy the Pictures? They a too precious to enumerate. Grace is coming along like a very pretty little girl that we love seeing all the time. PLEASE, More Pictures!
The cup is a teaching method of learning if she can get away with something. Removing the object for a short time and repeating the word "NO" re-enforces the learning experience.

Love, Papa Roy and Leeanne

Anonymous said...

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