Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Random thoughts...

I decided I needed a new toothbrush. Now when it comes to toothbrushes and toothpaste I am extremely picking. Weird, no? I will only use Colgate products. So at the BX there is pretty slim picking for someone as picky as I am. So I pick up a Colgate toothbrush that I think looks pretty cool and decide I will just get that one. It was actually just the first Colgate toothbrush I saw. Upon closer examination I found out it is SCENTED! Yes, that's right. I bought me a toothbrush that smells like fresh mint toothpaste.

We had a great weekend. With our trip to Okuma before the weekend it really felt like a week long vacation. We went to the pool, shopped at the great sale they had at the BX (additional 50% off all clearance clothing plus a lot of other things were 50% off as well), played with lots of toys, and did lots of cruise research.

Did I mention how much Grace is growing up? She took her first step over the weekend, and she now says Ma-ma several times a day, although Da-da and No-no-no-nooo (complete with shaky her head) are still her favorites. And, on Tuesday when I dropped her off at the Co-op at the gym she waved good-bye to me and then she started clapping her hands on the way home!

Now it is Thursday and we are already planning our weekend.
I think we might take a trip to the Zoo!

Yesterday Maggie came over to play. This is always a treat for Grace! Here they are watching Elmo's World.

This is a toy we have had sitting in a pile of stuff to get rid of. We just realized that maybe the reason Grace never liked it much was because she was too little for it! The piano turns so that when she could sit and play it but she never really liked that. Now all she wants to do is stand up and play!

P.S. We bought a new video camera. I am not too impressed with the still shots but they will work and it makes it very handy to be able to switch between video and photo. And it is all digital so we won't have tons of tapes. But what do you think? These pictures are some of the still shots and the videos from Okuma are with the new camera.


Grace's Grandma said...

I like the color and clarity of the pictures you took with the old camera better - but anything with Grace in it looks good to me. I miss Grace! I wish I could see her clap her hands and wave bye-bye.


(army)Wife said...

I am the same way about toothbrushes and toothpaste. Except I only use Crest.

Anonymous said...

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