Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's like Christmas!

I got a package I had been waiting for. And who doesn't like getting things in the mail? I wouldn't have expected it at all until today except for half of my order from Amazon came on Wednesday. So I check on Thursday and nothing. Again on Friday and nothing. This morning, still nothing. So we went to the BX and Dustin had something we needed to mail but we needed to buy envelopes first. When we went back to the post office I had him check AGAIN. And he came out with a box!

My new yoga mat is here!

Isn't it just so cute?

And even cuter is this nice little bag to carry it in.
My old yoga mat is currently being used to keep the rocking chair in Grace's bedroom in place. Before we put it there we would hit the wall or the closet door. Not good considering most of the time she would have just closed her eyes when it happened.

And do you want to know what made it feel even more like Christmas?

Definitely NOT the weather... it had finally started to feel like fall and yesterday we didn't even use the AC! But today we were turning the AC on by 9am.

The candles we have been lighting around the house have helped make it feel like fall...

But Grace got and early Christmas present and THAT made it almost like Christmas.

I like to shop early. Very early. I get that from my Mom. I had some of Grace's Christmas bought the very day after Christmas last year. We have already bought all of her Christmas and birthday gifts for this year. So sometimes we decide that she could use (well... maybe enjoy would be a better choice of word here. Especially after you see the video...) one of the things we had stashed in the spare room waiting for our Christmas tree to go up so it could go under it. She has been walking as long as she has something to push. And we figured since we had the cute little shopping cart we should go ahead and let her use it. She is still a little short but she had fun pushing it around the house!

Here is the video... but first a disclaimer

Please excuse the mess of toys... Making messes is one of Grace's favorite things to do. She especially loves when we let her dump an entire basket of toys (the more the merrier, right?) and she loves to pull one ball out of the bag at a time and throw it as far as she can.

Also, please excuse the cheerios that are scattered across our floor. Again, Grace loves making messes. I think we will be finding cheerios after we move!

If I were to take this video now you wouldn't see the cheerios and you wouldn't see the toys piled on her play rug. But then you wouldn't see Grace because she is asleep in her bed.


JG said...

She's pretty good with that thing! Soon she'll be taking corners like a pro :)

Grace's Grandma said...

Toys are supposed to be scattered in the home of a happy little one. And it looks like Grace is ready for shopping!


Bill said...

Love the videos & pictures. Makes me feel like I'm getting to watch Grace growing up! Sure reminds me of you Heather!


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