Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ready for the Weekend

The weekend is almost here!

Last week Dustin had staff duty on Saturday. That means that he is leaving for work as we are eating our breakfast. And he comes home for work and brings breakfast the next day. So, last weekend lasted less than 24 hours so we are really looking forward to this weekend. We do go and visit him on staff duty. We had lunch together, went to the new BX, and then went back after Grace's naptime.

There is a new rule in his unit - nobody works past 3pm on Thursday's. This means that the weekend comes a few hours sooner!

Not really much going on this weekend which will be nice.
I think tomorrow we will clean out the car and then go to the gym.
I need to finish Grace's Halloween costume.
We need to find a hotel in Sydney for 2 nights after our cruise ends. I have been working on this for a little more than a week now. I want a 5-star hotel on a 3-star budget.

I just got Grace's birthday favors in the mail yesterday and let me just say I am even MORE excited!!


The Mrs. said...

Ohh I like his units new rule, I wish we had that around here, but no no he flies all the time and then when he's home he's still working a 10-11 hour day.

If you have any questions about hotels in sydney flyboy might be able to help, he's been there a few times, this last time only a couple months ago and I believe he actually spent time in sydney.

JG said...

That is a great rule! :)


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