Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!

This morning we carved our albino pumpkin. I have never seen a WHITE pumpkin before! Let me just say this thing was much harder to carve than your normal orange pumpkin. We had planned on carving "Trick or Treat" on the front but once we got started we figured out it was not going to work. The pumpkin is about 2 inches thick and the little pieces of the letters were just not coming out. So we did our best to turn it into a face.

We took Grace on-base to trick or treat this evening. First stop was a friends house. We were a little early but we wanted to make sure they didn't run out of candy before Grace stopped by!

She kept pointing to where the candy was and wanting more!

Then we went to another neighborhood for more trick or treating. It rained the entire time! We decided that after visiting a friends house we would put the camera away for the night since we were all getting wet and it was dark. Grace got a bag of candy and she ate a twizzler on the way home.

When we got home we took some candy to our neighbors. We bought a couple bags to hand out but not a single person stopped by. I guess the rain kept everyone away.

This was our third Halloween being married and we have not ever had a little kid come to our door to trick or treat. The first year we lived in an apartment complex in El Paso. Last year we were in Hawaii. We thought we might get a few kids come by after we got home tonight but the neighbors told us it has been a quiet night here. I guess maybe next year?


Terre and Chelsea said...

We didn't get a neighbor last year in Oki either! The year before, I was still in Oklahoma. This year, we're the only Americans in our flat building. Maybe in a few years we'll have trick-or-treaters come!!! :)

I miss you! Gracie's such a pretty lady bug!

Grace's Grandma said...

It looks like Grace had a nice Halloween.

And we don't get many trick or treaters - but we will have a few. We get the full size and fundraiser candy bars from Sam's so hopefully, we'll entice the kids to come back next year. I'll let you know how it goes. It's just Halloween morning here.


corkyshell said...

Cute, cute, cute costume!


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