Monday, October 12, 2009

Shiny New Shoes & an Old Clunker

Grace is getting closer to running! She took 4 steps for the first time last night. Today she has been consistently taking about 3 and sometimes 4. She has even taken 5!

So we had to celebrate! We bought her her very first pair of Nike's. They are just so adorable!

She also started standing up in her crib. I went to check on her after I put her down for a nap this afternoon and she was standing in the corner of her crib looking at the door. So this evening we lowered her mattress again. This time it is as low as it can go.

Now for the old clunker.... Dustin decided that we should sell his car and get something different. Do you remember what we did back in April? We bought ME a new car. What is the deal with us? When we got my new car it was quite the upgrade. For Dustin, it will be a very big downgrade. And I mean BIG. Why downgrade? For starters we cannot get a carseat in the back of Dustin's current car. It isn't very good in the rain. That and he said he is just tired of his little sports car. He started looking at the classifieds online and found a little junker for $700. So now we just need to sell his car and then we will get this thing when the current owners leave next month. The biggest plus, when we leave we can drive this thing up until our last day here and if we can't find someone to buy it for a few hundred then we can just junk it! He has been excited ever since we went to look at the car.

We didn't take a picture (I will be sure to put some on here when we get the car) so I will leave you with this picture of Grace. This was taken right before we left for church yesterday. Don't you just love her tights?

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Grace's Grandma said...

Grace looks so tall and grown up in that pink dress. I can't believe how fast she is growing and learning. And the new Nike's are really cute!



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