Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Watch out world!

Grace is on the move!

She can take a few steps on her own (she has been doing this for about 2 weeks or so). And she can go anywhere if she has her stroller or is holding our fingers.

But lately she has really taken up cruising. She will cruise around the coffee table, along the dining room table, chairs, and her high chair, from toy to toy to bookshelf to toy. At the gym she was walking all around the room holding on to the wall, toy boxes, etc. If she wants something she is going to get it!

The other day I put her down to play and ran to the kitchen to put away 1 sack of groceries and when I came back 2 min. later she was sitting under the desk in the living room. So I move her back to her toys and 30 seconds later she has pulled up and pushed her rocking horse into her spilled basket of toys and fallen over.

But just tonight she figured out how to scoot around when there is nothing around her to pull up on so she can cruise. We call it her "one-legged crawl." She gets one one knee and two hands with her other leg bent in front of her crawling knee so she can easily go back to sitting on her bottom.

She just got another tooth so that makes 3 now. I think #4 is on its way pretty soon.

AND... she just learned how to stick the letters on the side of the bathtub!

She is pretty cute!

1 comment:

Grace's Grandma said...

It sounds like Grace is really keeping you on your toes now. I'm happy to hear that she is doing so well and I can't wait to see her.



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