Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shopping Addict?

Grace needs socks.

She has had several pairs in the past. Most she has outgrown. But most of what we have now don't have the non-slip bottoms. With shoes on this isn't a problem but we don't wear shoes in our house. The pair I like the best that she has, well... it's not a pair anymore. So I decided to see if I could find anything at the BX this morning since we were going right next door to the commissary anyways.

I ended up purchasing 8 new outfits (all of which she can wear right now! And they are perfect for this cool, wet weather we have been having). And no socks. But how could I pass up a pretty Christmas dress for $3? Or the jeans and sweatshirt for $4? Or the cute little leggings, skirt, top, and vest for $4? A set of 2 onesies, pants, and a bib for $4? Yes, I got 8 outfits (most 3-4 pieces) for $30. Oh, and we still need socks. She actually needed a few things since most of the pants and long sleeve shirts I have for her are still too big. I definitely got one of everything that was her size. I think I hit a bargain!

Since I order most of her clothes from Old Navy and Gap I decided to look there for socks. And guess what? I think I picked out about 14 pairs! I am going to go through my cart and delete some because I do not think she needs 14 new pairs of socks. Although, don't dryers eat socks?

And then I saw it! The Santa Baby section on Old Navy. She has to have a cute pair of pajamas to sleep in on Christmas Eve so when she wakes up Christmas morning she will be all festive!

And then these t-shirts are must haves:
Yes, she *hearts* Mom
And she definitely lights up Daddy's life

But then there is this one:
Totally true! Her Grandma can pick out books and toys like nobody else. I think most of her favorite things are things my Mom has bought for her. Like the annoying spinning toy that makes crazy animal sounds (now do you see why I put it in the pack n play for her to have while I shower???) and her puppy or the bag of balls that she LOVES to throw all around the house. And the puppy book and her love bug book that plays music.

And before I even saw this I told her that I didn't find any socks so she could just tell Grandma.

I also told her that Grandma would bring her ANYTHING she wanted. You better be glad she is pretty happy with what she has :-)

And please do not send socks. I already picked out more than she will ever need.

She is definitely more than a little spoiled!

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Grace's Grandma said...

Grace is not spoiled. She's just well loved. And I'm glad to know that she enjoys the toys and books I buy. I can't wait to play with them with her and heve her come and play with the little additions to my toy closet here.



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