Monday, October 26, 2009

Miss Independent

Grace has decided that sometimes she is too big to be fed. She wants to do it all by herself! So we went shopping for things that are pretty soft that she can eat. First we tried a scrambled egg. She liked that. Then she had some small pieces of string cheese. Yummy! And some pita bread which is pretty good too!

But best of all was the chocolate chip cookie she stole from me at church last night!

Tonights dinner consisted of table food for Grace.

On the menu was cheerios and shredded cheese as an appetizer. Hey, she got hungry before dinner was ready. And then the main course was peas and chicken. For dessert.... no, not another cookie.. biscuit with apple butter. She loved all of it!

And after she was finished we let her try to spoon feed herself some of her baby food. She loved that she was in control of the spoon!

Here are a few videos from yesterday

Eating eggs for lunch yesterday

Giving Puppy hugs!

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