Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Sweetest Thing...

Grace has started giving kisses! She really enjoys when we get all excited and tell her "Thank You." If we do that then she will just keep giving kisses.

Last night I put her to bed with her blanket and teddy (it used to be bunny until we took bunny for a car ride and washed the spare... now we are using teddy). A little while later I checked on her because she has been getting up and playing with her mobile but she was laying very quietly. And then a little later we heard her cry for about 15 seconds and then stop. She does this sometimes when she changes positions. Before we went to bed Dustin went to check on her and said it was the weirdest thing he had ever seen. She was sitting in the corner of her crib with her legs spread apart and her face on the mattress. She is a silly girl!

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