Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Sneak Peak at Halloween

About a month ago we were looking online for costume ideas for Grace for her very first Halloween. We figured we should start looking early because, on occasion, things can take 2 months to ship here. We picked out what she was going to be but the only problem was that most every costume we found was either 1) a fleece suit which is WAY too hot for our warm weather (which, by the way, has begun to finally feel like fall! Now if only it would stay this way). or 2) cheap looking, one-size-fits most costume that would probably be too big.

This led to me deciding I could make one. I had an idea so no big deal, right? Wrong! First there were the problems with the sewing machine. For starters, I have NEVER messed with the whole bobbin thing. Secondly, I had trouble figuring out how in the world to make a head-piece. Yes, I had an idea but making that idea work was not easy. BUT.... it is almost finished! The headband is done (hopefully it will fit Grace). The costume is almost made. All that is left is to attach some elastic so we can put on/take off the big part of it so she will fit in her carseat. I even made a sack for all of her candy!!

So I am going to save the pictures of the costume until Grace is actually wearing it. And, well, she has been in her bed sleeping for about 2 hours and shouldn't be up for about 9-10 more hours. I am not going to wake her to finish this thing so it will have to wait until another day.

But I will share these pictures of her cute candy sack!

And, of course, while I was pulling those off the camera I found a few more that I thought were just so cute that everyone would want to see.

This is what Grace was doing this morning while we were getting things ready so we could go clean out the car.
She loves to pull every single toy out of her basket.

I forgot we had taken a few pictures of her trying her first popcicle.

Her expressions are just too cute!

When she gets excited she shakes her hands like she is doing here

Our neighbor brought us this outfit that her daughter (who is 2 weeks younger than Grace) had outgrown. I though it was just adorable!

I think she was talking but it looks like she is cheesing big time!

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Grace's Grandma said...

The pictures and videos are really REALLY cute!!!!! But then, Grace is really REALLY cute, so how could they be anything else? She's learning so much, so fast! I can't wait to come and see her and watch her enjoy all of the new exciting things she gets for her birthday!



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