Saturday, February 11, 2012

First Day in Deutschland

We had a fun first (full) day here. We slept pretty well. Olivia did wake up laughing and clapping a little after midnight and was ready to play. But I just snuggled up next to her and eventually she fell back asleep. After we got up and ready for the day it was time to venture out.

Ready to go! We had to stop at a couple different posts to get things squared away so I can drive and get on/off post. By the time we were finished with that is was time to eat lunch.

We stopped at the bowling alley to eat before heading to the (VERY small) commissary to get some groceries. On our back home we stopped at a German mall. They had the same type of escalators that we saw at the Jusco's in Japan - a ramp.

We went to a German grocery store and I found some candy to take back to Grace. I got her a couple other fun things too! And I bought some baby food for Olivia to try.

By the time we left the girls were so tired! They fell asleep on the way back but the nap was short lived because they were both awake shortly after we got home.

 Olivia and Elly got to play together while we made dinner. It is so cute to watch them.

Olivia loved her German baby food. This one was pasta with tomato sauce and mozzarella I think. Their jars are about 1/3 bigger than the big jars we have back home and she ate almost the entire thing. That is a LOT for her. I think she liked the pieces of spaghetti in it!

And then the girls played some more after dinner. Chelsea had a balloon to welcome her home from the hospital. I let Olivia play with it and then Terre tied it around Elly's waist. She didn't seem to care but Olivia saw it and wanted to play with it too!

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Patty Patterson said...

The girls will probably have a lot of fun together while you're there. I hope their friendship lasts their entire lifetime! They look so cute together. Can't wait to see more pictures!


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