Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Project Life Week 6

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Project Life Week 6 - February 5 - 11

Sunday - Grace was all dressed up for church and decided to lay in Olivia's car seat while waiting to go.

Monday - We went to the park and pond in my parents neighborhood. Grace got to feed the geese and play on the playground!


Tuesday - We checked out the open play time at Tumble Time. I am planning on trying out gymnastics with Grace when I get home from Germany!

Wednesday - The girls enjoyed watching the planes at the airport.


Thursday - This pretty much sums up our day. After traveling all night Olivia was feeling pretty jet lagged.

Friday - Olivia loved the German baby food I bought for her. We are going to have to get some more :)

Saturday - This was my first taste of German food - Schneeballen. It was very yummy!


The Wallace Family said...

Great pictures! I love the first one...anytime we have a baby at our house Kendall thinks it's her job to sit in their carseat. She does it at the sitters everyday as well!! Too funny! Have a great week!

Bethany said...

I love the picture of Olivia with the baby food! So adorable :)

Chris Coryell said...

Great pictures! Love the picture of your daughter w/the baby food...what an awesome smile!


camilla said...

I really think that every mom wishes she had a picture of her big kid getting into the little one's car seat. I love it. And I love that you got a picture of it!


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