Thursday, February 16, 2012


When we arrived in Germany it was snowing. Olivia got to see her first snow as soon as we stepped off the airplane. But it didn't snow as much at Chelsea's house as it did in the city where the airport is. But on Monday, it really started snowing! That evening I put Olivia in her snow suit and took her out to "play" in it.

Here are a couple pictures I took from the window of Chelsea's house.


And Olivia in the snow for the first time!

 I facetimed with my Mom and Grace so that they could watch her.

She kept looking up at the window where Chelsea was holding the iPad :)

Isn't she just too cute? I think she liked the snow!

And it snowed almost all night so we had quite a bit the next morning. 

And Grace got snow too! She got to build a snowman, go sledding, and have a snowball fight.

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Julie Danielle said...

Oh how fun! So cool you guys are getting snow there.


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