Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Saturday morning we went to Rothenburg, the city where Ellyana was born! It is a very touristy area and there are lots of shops and pretty buildings.

 It is very cold so we got all bundled up. Olivia got to wear her snowsuit!

 I am just going to share some of the pictures I took of the town.

We stopped at a cafe for a snack. We all got Schneeballen. Mine was chocolate. They also had cinnamon and powdered sugar. I thought Grace would like the big soda bottle and the little glass they gave me to pour it into.
 And Olivia got to try the schneeballen too :)

We stopped at a Christmas store (I was able to buy all of the souvenirs we collect at one place!) and then I found a neat shop that sold rocks. I bought several for the collection Grace is starting.

Here are more pictures of the town.

 On our way back we stopped at a Burger King off of the autobahn. We seemed to confuse the people working when we ordered water with our King Box. They brought out mine and Chelsea's kid meals but didn't know what we were drinking. We had both finished our lunch before they brought out Terre's food and our water! And, Grace, that little green whale is the one I got for you I think :)
 And I thought Grace would like to see what their playground looks like. I think Nations of Fun is probably a lot better!
 And here is a picture of the snow!!!

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Patty Patterson said...

Germany looks pretty! I love the tall steeple looking things on the building. And that desert looks good. Maybe you should look for a German desert cookbook - but then, it would have to be written in Englis to do us any good. And I'll show Grace the pictures when she gets back from Gramdma G's.


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