Friday, February 10, 2012


We made it to Germany!

We started off on Wednesday in Oklahoma City. The people at the check-in counter were probably the nicest we have ever encountered while traveling. Dustin and Grace got to go through security and wait at the gate with us. Grace and Olivia had a good time watching the planes while we waited for ours to get there.

And they both wanted to break into the snacks I had packed in my carry-on :)

We had a window seat for our first flight. 


These are the only pictures I took on all of our plane rides or in the airports. We had two layovers. The first was in Atlanta. We got off the plane, got the stroller, and then headed to our next gate. We got to ride a train to our terminal! I grabbed some dinner on the way and then found a place where Olivia could play at our gate. I got her ready for bed since we had an overnight flight and then packed up the stroller and we boarded the plane for Paris. After we got settled into our seat a flight attendant came and asked if we wanted to move to bulkhead and get a bassinet. I couldn't pass up the extra leg room and two empty seats! Olivia didn't like the bassinet - it had a mesh/plastic cover over the entire thing. She slept quite a bit on the flight in my lap though. We got to Paris and discovered it is probably the craziest airport I have ever been to. Last time I was there I just thought the craziness was due to the construction but that was not true yesterday. We ended up having to LEAVE the airport, wait on the curb at a taxi stand, and get on a bus to go to our terminal. Then we waited for about 5-10 minutes (we had a 1 1/2 hour layover and only about 5 minutes to spare) in a lounge before we were told to go to our gate and board. A short flight (Olivia slept the entire way!) and we were in Germany. And it was SNOWING!! We walked through customs (yes, you just walk through and nobody stops to check your bags) and there was CHELSEA!!!!

We got in the car and she told us we were making a stop at IKEA on the way to her house. 

Olivia was excited to be out and about.

When we left I took a picture of the snow in the parking lot.

And Olivia loved the snow falling on her head. This was leaving IKEA but she got to experience her first snow as soon as we got off the plane in Nuremberg.

She was worn out by the end of the day!

Stay tuned to hear about our first day in Deutschland!


Julie Danielle said...

YAY! You made it to Germany. Can't wait to see more pictures :)

Patty Patterson said...

I love IKEA! I wish we had one! But... there are lots of things that we have that Chelsea doesn't so I'm happy to know that at least she has an Ikea store. And I missed this yesterday, but I will show it to Grace as soon as she gets back home. I don't want her to miss out on any pictures!


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