Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday

This week I am posting some fun craft ideas I found on Pinterest. These are all things we have tried and enjoyed. So next time you are stuck inside with a preschooler/toddler, check these out! I think I had all the supplies on hand and they are all pretty easy :)

I helped the girls make these when we were learning about the letter "B" and Butterflies. We just made them on a piece of 12x12 card stock - It was big enough for me to put both of the girls' butterflies on one paper!

We made this for Daddy to hang in his new office. I found that an EASY way to do a footprint of a baby (I think she was around 5 months at the time) is do it while she is in the jumperoo :)

This was a fun, quick craft for Grace. And she played with these for MONTHS.

Sidewalk PAINT. So much fun!! We did it before it rained and it pretty much washed away completely.

Bathtub paint - This was fun and easy. I used little Dixie cups for each color and then just threw them away when we were finished. It did make the bath water pretty dirty though.

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just tututiny said...

My first pinterest entry with you gals - YAY!

sidewalk paintings are the most creative ones, i love them!


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