Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting into things

This is one of Grace's FAVORITE things to do:

If it isn't one thing she is into it is another. After this incident with our DVD's (which were already crammed into our DVD cabinet) we decided that all of the DVD's other than Grace's would be put in a binder and the cases are boxed up.

It is almost useless to even put books on the bookshelf anymore. She will pull them all off and then find the one she is looking for and sit down to read it.

Today, Dustin brought home a huge box coupons (a mail carriers box full of big envelopes that are stuffed full) that people (or groups) have sent from the states. We can use coupons 6 months past the expiration date so units here receive quite a few boxes full of coupons. We were sorting through it and pulling out the ones that are past the 6 months expiration and then putting the ones we will use aside. The rest we will pass on for others to go through and use. Well, Grace wanted to help! She was pulling coupons out of the trash can faster than I could put them in. Then she started to put them on my face. I think she was trying to tickle me because she recently learned to "tickle." It is a fun game she likes to play and she never really tickles anyone but she sure does try hard.


Patty Patterson said...

Did she find the DVD she was looking for?

corkyshell said...

Hahahaha I absolutely love kids who do that, I do not know why. I know I shouldn't laugh and I know I will probably not enjoy it as much when its mine, but shes just so darn cute :)

Julie said...

My son would do that with his books all the time.


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