Saturday, December 5, 2009

Grace's FIRST Birthday Party!

We had Grace's birthday party yesterday and I think it turned out great! We went to the Okinawa Zoo which is just about a 10 min. drive from our house. We were able to use a covered pavilion and the picnic tables that were there for no charge! We gave a guest list to the people at the gate and they just circled everyone's name as they came in and after the party I just went and paid for everyone's admission. And we were able to take anything we wanted - cake, ice cream, snacks, drinks, party favors, etc. We got there when the zoo opened at 9:30 and it was a perfect day! We sat up all the tables and then it was time for guests to arrive.
{Grace's cute cake! One of the cars collapsed in the night so we took it off}

{snacks - animal cookies, fruit and veggie trays, chex mix, and pb&j (the were supposed to be animal shapes but I thought the bear looked more like a rat so they ended up being triangles)}

{cups, plates, napkins}

{Jungle Juice and the cute animal cups}

When the kids started showing up (a total of 5 girls) we went and played on the animal statues.

{Her cute hairbow only lasted long enough for a few pictures}

Then it was time to ride on the rides! Before everyone got there I bought tickets for the carousel and the train.

{Grace wanted to ride on my lap}

{and then she wanted to stand up when it was time to get off}

{Dustin got to ride the train with her!}

I had a little trouble figuring out how to pay to ride the cars. We stood in line I thought I would just hand the guy working there some Yen for all the kids (and adults) who wanted to ride but we kept watching little Japanese children run out and hop right on. Finally, we figured out that you have to put your coin in the car which starts it!

{Dustin and Grace rode on the tank}

After we did all the rides it was time for cake!
{We sang happy birthday and Grace got to blow out her candle with a little help from Daddy!}

It started to rain and cool off while we were eating so we broke out the jackets. We were glad to be under the tent and several Japanese families were taking shelter with us!

And then it was time for presents!
{Grace got lots of cool new toys!}

After the presents were opened everyone got to walk around and see the animals. The rain had stopped and it was warming up again. We thought they were doing an elephant show at 11:30 (that is what was posted on the sign the last time we were there) but after waiting for a while the show never happened. My guess is that they did it early and everyone just missed it. Oh well, they still got to see the animals!

Overall her first party was a success. I think everyone had a good time!!

For more pictures you can check out the album I put on facebook HERE
Or my Mom's myspace album HERE

{Grace waving bye to her guests}


Julie said...

Looks like such a fun party :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Grace
Your cake looks delicious
Hugs & Kisses

Love Papa & Leeanne


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