Friday, December 11, 2009

More pictures and some videos!!!

I just posted some of the pictures from Grace's birthday and studio pictures.
You can either scroll down or click HERE to find that post.
You do not want to miss the cute pictures we got from Amanda's studio
And now for more pictures (and some videos!)...

These are the pictures from Grace's little party at home on her actual birthday. I think she had a very wonderful day!

{she loves her baby}

{she learned how to climb up on the sofa... today she didn't even have the boxes and somehow managed to get up there}

{we had hidden something up there and she really wanted it!}

to see more pictures from her party at home click HERE

{she loved the card that Grandma Phyllis sent! She would open it, close it, open it again and then dance to the music. I pulled out the camera after she had been playing with it for about 5 min. but I was too late to get it on tape but I thought this was pretty cute anyways}

{we got her a baby doll for her birthday. She loves it! She was feeding her baby and then sharing the bottle with herself}

{Here she is with her 3rd birthday cake}

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