Thursday, December 10, 2009

How I Spent My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a FUN day! Thank you to everyone who called (or tried to call while we were out having fun), sent cards, messages, or gifts! It really made me feel very special.

Here is what we did all day:

7:25 am - Mommy got me out of of bed and told me Happy Birthday!
7:30 am - I ate a big bowl of cheerios and watched Blue's Clues
8:00 am - Got dressed to go get my pictures taken
8:15 am - Played with my toys and read my new Elmo book
8:40 am - Left to go to Amanda's so Grandma can take pictures of ME!
11:00 am - Had lunch at Chili's with Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma. They sang Happy Birthday to me!
12:30 pm - Finally back home from a busy but fun morning and I get to play!!
1:30 pm - I am tired so I went to bed for a nap.
3:00 pm - I am awake and ready to play!! We played with balloons. It was fun making our hair stick up! Then I found my jingle bell on the Christmas tree and played with that. I love jingle bells just like my Daddy! And of course I had to read some books.
4:00 pm - Daddy came home from work with a bunch of balloons floating in the air! They were pretty neat and fun to play with. Then we got to open all of my presents!! I got a lot of nice new toys.
5:30pm - Time for dinner. I was very hungry! After dinner I got to eat my birthday cake and it was very, very yummy.
6:15 pm - My cake was so yummy that I got it all over me so I got to go straight to the bathtub. I love taking baths and playing in the water!
6:30 pm - We went outside and played with the silly string that Daddy bought when he went to get my balloons. He also got me a glowing bracelet! After all the silly string was gone we came back inside to play with all of my new toys. I love all of them!
7:45 pm - Bedtime. I don't really like to be rocked to sleep at night any more but Mommy still tried so I got fidgety so she would just put me in my bed so I could go to sleep.

Grandma is working on getting all of the pictures she took of my special day ready to put on the internet. I think some of them are ready but not all of them so come back soon to see how cute I am.



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