Saturday, December 12, 2009

Little Monkey

We have a little monkey on our hands!! Not only does Grace eat a ton of bananas, she has also started to climb. Yesterday I left her playing at her toy table to walk in the kitchen and put her fridge phonics toy up and about a minute later my Mom walked into the living room and found her standing on the sofa. There was nothing in front of the sofa other than her toy puppy so we are thinking she must have carried it over and used it as a step stool (that was the toy she was playing with when I left).

Today was a busy day for her! We went to the Army Navy football game here (Army won!!!!!) and then afterwards we went to dinner with our friends. We went to a neat little pizza restaurant that had a beautiful ocean view. After dinner we went for a nice little walk and explored an underwater castle. Well, at dinner Grace was trying to climb onto the table. Then she was trying to climb the steps of the castle. She is too brave!!!

We decided to top of the night by visiting the Ferris Wheel at American Village. There is this huge ferris wheel that sits on top of a 3-story building and at night it is lit up with pretty lights. Grace LOVES looking at the ferris wheel so we decided to ride it. It was a 15 min. ride and it went really, really high. We were a little nervous that she would get too fidgety sitting there but she didn't at all until about the last 2 minutes. She really LOVED the ride!! I think we may have to go back again sometime :-)

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