Friday, December 18, 2009

We saw Santa!!!!!

We saw Santa today!!!

We decided that we should go and change our cell phone plan (I think we do this every 4-5 months!) since we won't be using them while we are on vacation and we aren't even using all of our minutes as it is now. So after Grace woke up from her nap we headed to the BX where the cell phone company is. On our way we passed Santa! I was so glad I had grabbed my camera before we left. We were driving down the road and almost to base when I spotted a Japanese guy dressed in red jeans and a Santa shirt! I almost forgot I had the camera but remember just in time to zoom in and snap a picture.

{only in Japan!}

1 comment:

Patty Patterson said...

That is cool! A tall, skinny, Japanese Santa! *LOL*


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