Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Little Cookie Taster!

Today we made Christmas cookies!! I should have put Grace's apron on her - it says "Cookie Taster" and is red with white trim (perfect Christmas apron!!!). She enjoyed helping frost the cookies and I think she stole a bite!

{her red and green Christmas tree}

We made boxes of Christmas candy for all of our neighbors and delivered them this afternoon. I found some cute boxes and sacks at the 100 Yen store and filled sacks with popcorn and pretzels and put them in a box and then put some cookies on a Christmas plate. I was planning on adding fudge and butter crunch but neither of those turned out. I may try to make those again so we can have them for our small group Bible Study potluck on Tuesday.

{the finished product}

{Christmas Cookies}

Before we delivered them we got ready for church (our church starts at 6pm). I decided that since it was cold enough for a sweater I would wear one of my favorites that I have not worn in almost 2 years, which happens to be red. And I decided that Grace should wear her Christmas dress since it is the Sunday before Christmas. So that led to Dustin putting on a nice shirt, which led to taking a family picture in front of our tree.

{I think it turned out good considering we had to use a self timer and hop around until it flashed so Grace would smile}

And then I just had to put this picture on here. I thought her outfit was adorable!

{notice the little sticker on her jeans}


jlc said...

your fam and your pics make me smile.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas together!!


Patty Patterson said...

Nice family photo! You did good!

And Grace does look adorable in her little outfit. I see she is wearing her new shoes.

Also, Andrew's cards are in the mailbox waiting for the mailman to pick them up so they will arrive late. He did't know you could just put a stanp on them and mail them. He thought he had to go to the post office to mail things to Japan and he hadn't had a chance to go.


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