Monday, December 28, 2009

The very last week of the year

Today is the last Monday in 2009!

It is also the last few days of half-days for Dustin. We had planned on doing the JCI on my van this week. JCI is the Japanese insurance we have to have and an inspection. First you have to go pay for the insurance, then you go to another office and pay some sort of fee, then you go pay the inspection fee and then have the vehicle inspected. Well, we found out that the place that does the inspection is taking a 2 week break for Christmas/New Year's so we will have to wait until next week to do the JCI. Hopefully they won't find anything wrong with my van because all of the fees alone are a lot.

We are going to be hosting all of our friends from our small group Bible study for New Year's Eve. There will be finger foods and desserts and games!! It should be a fun night. Maybe some of us will actually stay up to ring in the new year with a glass of sparkling grape juice!

And just a tip for anyone sending musical/talking toys in the mail: if you don't turn them off you may just freak out the people at the post office!! My mom found a talking Elmo on her way to send us a package so she put it in with what she was sending. Well, when I picked it up today the guy at the post office brought me a box saying "Elmo loves you sooooo much!." As he handed to me he just stared at it and said "that is kind of freaky." I am sure heads were turning as I walked out of the post office this afternoon!!

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Patty Patterson said...

That Elmo is a lovable little guy! *LOL*


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