Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Playing with her feet!

Today Grace got to be picked up by her Daddy from the gym on Foster since he gets off at noon. She had a good time in Daddy's new $700 clunker, which holds her old car seat for Father/Daughter adventures. After her lunch of mac and cheese and veggies, she took a short nap. Mommy got home and suggested we use our Macaroni Grill gift certificate that we got for Christmas from Grandma Phyllis to go out to eat dinner with. The ride to and from the restaurant was hilarious! Grace entertained herself by taking off her shoes and socks (her favorite pastime) and laughing at her feet. She kept grabbing her bare feet and then letting them go while giggling at them and playing her own little game. Even after dinner, when it was almost her bedtime, she couldn't stop laughing at those cute little feet. Once home, we decided it was time to practice using the pink potty. To get her to go, we try everything from turning the bathroom faucets on to shaking a bottle of water. Tonight, Heather had the BRILLIANT idea of getting a bowl of warm water to put her feet in. Putting her feet in turned into putting her hands in, and putting her hands in turned into splashing water all over herself and Mommy. Let's just say that we used about 4 towels to clean up the mess!

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