Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Present a Day...

After Grace's party on Saturday we decided that we would let her open 1 present a day until her birthday and then she gets to open the rest of them that evening. Her birthday is just the day after tomorrow! We are going to take 1 year & Christmas pictures that morning. Then we are planning on meeting Dustin for lunch at Chili's so they can sing to her. That evening we will let her smash her cake and open all the presents she has left.

Why did we decide to let her open a present everyday? Well, a dozen presents at one time may be a little overwhelming for a one year old.

So far we have been doing this for 3 nights and every single present has been a book! And she has loved every single one of them too!!

And guess what Grace is doing new?? She is walking!! All on her own. She doesn't even think about holding onto things anymore. We have been waiting for her to do this since she took her first steps at 9 months old.

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