Sunday, December 13, 2009

Slowing down

We have been a little too busy lately. So today we decided to stay home until after Grace's nap and then we were back home for dinner! We will probably do the same tomorrow. Grace has been getting up early and has been having some late nights (due to cutting a new tooth, 5 shots on Friday, she just got over a cold, and last night we went to the ferris wheel and didn't make it home until about 30 min after bedtime) so tonight we stayed home and I put her to bed early! Hopefully she will catch up on the sleep she has been losing lately.

So today during our little outing we went to see Daddy at work (he has staff duty) and then we went to the craft store to pick up the pagoda I made a few weeks ago. I was very pleased with how well my pagoda turned out. I think tomorrow I may try to find a light to put in it! And then we walked to the BX. We were shopping and Grace just wanted to get down and play. She took off walking all over the clothing department and playing peek-a-boo around the racks of clothes. She is just too cute!

This next week we will be heading to the airport twice. My mom is flying back home and we have friends going on vacation. It looks like we will be spending this Christmas just the 3 of us since all of our friends are going to be gone.

I will leave you with some pictures (in reverse order!) from our busy Saturday.

{underwater castle}

{hard to get a good picture with 2 girls who just want to run and play!}

{Go Army, Beat Navy!!}

{sporting her Army shirt I made}

{ready for the game}

And here are 2 videos from our ferris wheel ride. This was what Grace did about 13 out of the 15 minutes!

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